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The Wolverine teaser offers him a reversal

TheWolverine.jpgThere has already been an unbelievably short teaser for Wolverine but now we're getting a proper length teaser trailer, but still a teaser trailer none the less. Still, it's a good one and does suggest a couple of interesting things.

The biggest is that there might be away back for The Wolverine, a way to reverse everything that he has become.

The teaser trailer is short but it's better than everything we've seen for The Wolverine so far, and the good news is that it isn't filled with silly, over the top action sequences that defy all laws of physics.

Here is the teaser trailer through TrailerAddict for Wolverine:

So there's a way to reverse everything he is, will he go after it? This teaser is looking intriguing. The thing that doesn't look intruiging is the fact that it's all in 3D, woop woop, Samurai swords and claws flying at the screen in post-production 3D.



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