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American Rush F1 trailer

Rush.jpgIt's usually the non-American trailers that are the ones that contain the stories while the American trailers concentrate less on story and more on content and what it looks like. With Rush it's the other way around, mainly because America isn't a huge F1 fan base, especially historically, and they don't know the stunning story of Niki Lauda and James Hunt.

Good news for this trailer then is that the story is pouring through, Daniel Brühl looks and sounds stunningly like Lauda, and Chris Hemsworth's English accent sounds far better in this trailer. This looks fantastic.

I have to tell you that if you're a Formula 1 fan this trailer should get you excited. It's got a great build up and one that makes you feel some of the speed and passion in the sport, but more than that I was totally captivated by Daniel Brühl's performance of Niki Lauda, and that moment he puts on the helmet I even winced.

This looks like it could be stunning, see what you think of the new American trailer for Rush through Deadline:

Ron Howard and Peter Morgan look like they've done the sport and the people proud, and the amazing story of Niki Lauda versus James Hunt looks like it's going to come back to life.



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