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Arthur Newman trailer, Firth and Blunt at the Fore

ArthurNewman.jpgColin Firth and Emily Blunt starring together, well that gets my interest up immediately. The fact that it's written by Becky Johnston of Under the Cherry Moon, The Prince of Tides and Seven Years in Tibet is an interesting aside too. However it's the trailer that gets me.

The film sees Firth playing a man who fakes his own death and gets himself a new identity, and on his travels through his new life finds a similar soul.

Colin Firth is a great actor who used to get pigeon holed into the same type of roles all too easily, nowadays he doesn't have that problem so much and when I see him billed it's a sign that the film has something more to offer. Arthur Newman could be one of those films.

He's playing a man who is disappointed with his life, everything in his life seems to reach a certain point and then fall apart, much like his golfing where he has obtained the reputation of being a choker who always falls apart on the last hole.

So he decides to do something about it. Fakes his own death, disappears, and creates a new life for himself, a life he thinks he should have been living. While on the road living out that new life he meets a woman called Mike, yes Mike, who a similar minded person who is also running away from her own problems.

The two of them begin their own journey of living other people's lives, breaking into the empty homes of other people and living out their lives for a short period of time before heading off to their next destination.

It sets up an interesting story and with Colin Firth and Emily Blunt in the leading roles you have to be very interested.

Here's the trailer for Arthur Newman from through Yahoo Movies and Entertainment Weekly:



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