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New Star Trek Into Darkness trailer shows darkness

StarTrekIntoDarkness.jpgI had thought that the previous trailer had hinted a little at how dark the new Star Trek Into Darkness film was going to be for Captain Kirk and his new crew and that despite the one scene of frivolity, i.e. Alice Eve in her underwear, this was going to turn out to be pretty serious for them all, perhaps with death and it looked like the loss of the Enterprise.

This new trailer compounds that downward spiral into new depths for the characters and shows that the script is really playing this a lot more serious than the previous film did. Could this be the death of the Enterprise (again), and what of Kirk's apology to the crew as they face something much bigger?

Star Trek Into Darkness is definitely going to be a darker and much stronger film than Star Trek was, and that's a good thing, but for all the darkness the trailer still delivers hope and a hint at a resurrection for the Enterprise, not one in the form of a rebuild either.

Here's the new trailer for Star Trek Into Darkness which comes through The Hollywood Reporter:

It's good isn't it? There are a lot of moments to pick out that show how tough things are getting for Kirk and his crew, you can pick out his apology to the crew just as the huge ship arrives which suggests he's all out of ideas and put them in a terrible situation, you can point out that Scotty is passionately saying that the ship is dead, you can even point to the new poster, there are many dark points, just look at Alice Eve's Carol Marcus scream.

However you can hear Pike giving Kirk and the story some positive tones, and Kirk himself disagrees with Scotty just before the scene of the Enterprise rising from the water. Is it the start of their fight back?

This is looking like it could be an epic Star Trek film, what do you think?



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