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Rourke who? Java Heat trailer isn't good

MickeyRourke.jpgYou know I see a lot of bad trailers, but this one made me think of Mickey Rourke and his amazing comeback. I was talking to someone just the other day about that and if his comeback was on a par with Robert Downey Jr.'s, well it maybe once was but looking at this I'm not so sure.

The Wrestler, Academy Awards nominee, BAFTA winner, Golden Globe winner, Independent Spirit Awards winner, Screen Actors Guild Awards nominee, and many more critics' awards and nominations. Where did all that go?

Java Heat looks like another Rush Hour film but this time set in Java and while that looks attractive and it brings to the screen some unseen talent and locations, the rest of it doesn't look that good at all and is probably a reason why it's heading to on demand.

Kellan Lutz is the action hero of the film, although it's definitely not clear through the trailer as Ario Bayu seems to be the action hero and Lutz is playing an idiotic American abroad playing to stereotypes galore.

What does Mickey Rourke play? Well he's a foreign terrorist, you have to check out the accent, I'm not sure he's even trying.

Here's the trailer which comes through Deadline, enjoy Java Heat:

The film heads to on demand in mid-May and apparently will even be on XBox, I'm really not sold. Seriously, what do you think?



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