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Don Jon trailer, laugh out loud funny with style

DonJon.jpgJoseph Gordon-Levitt is a pretty unconventional actor, he's always taking roles you don't expect, well that I don't expect anyway. Now his latest film sees him not only leading but also writing and directing, and from the looks of the trailer it would seem he's producing something rather special.

I'm really enjoying the style of the trailer and what it suggests for the film as well as the characters we're seeing in the trailer. Of course there's also the cast with Gordon-Levitt, Scarlett Johansson, Julianne Moore, Glenne Headly, Tony Danza and guest appearances from Channing Tatum, Anne Hathaway and Cuba Gooding Jr.

The blurb for Don Jon goes like this:

Jon Martello (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) is a strong, handsome, good old-fashioned guy. His buddies call him Don Jon due to his ability to "pull" a different woman every weekend, but even the finest fling doesn't compare to the bliss he finds alone in front of the computer watching pornography. Barbara Sugarman (Scarlett Johansson) is a bright, beautiful, good old-fashioned girl. Raised on romantic Hollywood movies, she's determined to find her Prince Charming and ride off into the sunset. Wrestling with good old-fashioned expectations of the opposite sex, Jon and Barbara struggle against a media culture full of false fantasies to try and find true intimacy in this unexpected comedy written and directed by Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

However it's really the trailer that captures you, and here is the Don Jon trailer through TrailerAddict. I love the final scene in the car, wonderful timing and something that resonates so well with me…yes I've done it, haven't you? There are a few songs from the back catalogue I can leap into the rap easily…and I've done it in the car.



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