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Fast and Furious 6 franchise trailer

FastandFurious6.jpgFast and Furious is losing Justin Lin, arguably one of the men responsible for the growth of the franchise and now he's leaving the franchise as the studio wants to increase the turnaround of the films, note that isn't increase the quality just the quantity. Bowing to the ongoing Hollywood mantra of “More and Bigger" and not “Better".

So it would seem that Lin, for his last film, made the title sequence more reflective, looking back through the entire franchise. Now that title sequence and music track has been released online, and it's serving as a nice trailer for the film as well as the franchise.

The trailer for Fast anf Furious 6 is a lot of fun and does well with marketing the franchise. I wonder though what will happen with the seventh film now? With Justin Lin leaving will they continue to move back towards the original style of films or will they try and continue with the dramatic stories as they have with the last two films?

Certainly the sixth film has stepped back a little from the strength of the fifth, or perhaps the fifth was just such a surprising and refreshing change to the franchise that the sixth doesn't seem so surprising.

Regardless, the direction now will be interesting, especially with the studio pushing to get the next film through so quickly.

So let's revel in Justin Lin's work, remembering that he came in on the third film and has been with the franchise ever since.

Here's the new trailer through TrailerAddict:



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