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Last Vegas trailer looks fantastic

LastVegas.jpgI've just watched this promotional trailer for Last Vegas and I'm hooked. The idea of Robert De Niro, Michael Douglas, Morgan Freeman and Kevin Kline going on a bachelor party in Las Vegas is kind of appealing, and then seeing their characters starting to get into it does promise that this could be, as a wise man keeps saying, legen...wait for it…dary.

The film also stars Mary Steenburgen and other comedic names such as Roger Bart and Romany Malco and is directed by Jon Turteltaub. The writers Adam Brooks and Dan Fogelman have some good comedies under their belt too.

Last Vegas is simple in plot. Three sixty year old friends head off to Las Vegas for a bachelor party for their last remaining single friend, and they are doing it in style. Well rather in excess I think.

Here's the trailer for Last Vegas which is over at TrailerAddict, a note of caution when I watched it the audio was ahead of the video somewhat and was a little annoying to watch from that aspect, however it is a great trailer.

I'm sold on that. Doesn't it just reek of potential? The line-up in the leads alone is worth going to see, they're going to be dynamite with each other, and I have to see the full scene of Morgan Freeman on Red Bull and Vodka. What are the chances of Robert De Niro getting into a fight?

Looking at that last shot I couldn't help but think of them all in a heist film. Now that would be a great Wild Bunch remake.



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