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Metallica Through the Never trailer

MetallicaThroughtheNever.jpgThe concept behind Metallica Through the Never takes me back in years and it's something I haven't seen done in ages. The director Nimród Antal, whom you should remember for Kontroll, Vacancy (Filmstalker review), Armored (Filmstalker review) and Predators, has written and directed a film that features a story within a concert performance. I struggle to remember where I last saw this idea but it seemed it was back when I was a teenager.

It's also an interesting direction for Antal to take but then this is Metallica and who would turn down a chance to deliver something so unique for them?

The film, Metallica: Through the Never, is in 3D but don't let that spoil it for you. It features Metallica in concert and not only is it directed by the talented Nimród Antal but it also leads with Dane DeHaan, well aside from the band members that is. DeHaan starred in Chronicle and The Place Beyond the Pines (Filmstalker review), so there's plenty of talent in the film away from the stage performances.

The idea is that Trip, a young roadie for Metallica, is sent on an urgent errand during the band's show however as the journey progresses things around him turn more and more surreal.

Here's the trailer for the film which might just see a resurgence in the story based concert video. I can't remember who it was I last saw doing this but I do remember them from my youth.

Here's the trailer for Metallica: Through The Never through Deadline:



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