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The Wolverine new trailer has good and bad

TheWolverine.jpgI actually wasn't going to write about this new trailer for the new Wolverine film, The Wolverine, after all we've seen most of it already and we've heard most of the story through the different iterations of trailers and teasers, but there is something new to this trailer that concerned me for the quality of the film. Then with all the hype hitting the television teasers telling us to watch the trailer, I felt I'd better warn you.

The trailers to date had been quite good, although I have to admit to being a little taken aback by the Bullet Train high speed fight, and even though that gets a little worse in this new trailer the thing that shocks me is just what Wolverine will be fighting in one scene.

So far The Wolverine has been looking interesting, gone were the over the top moments from the origins film that we experienced right from the off - or at least I did with the insane moment with the destruction of the Humvee - and in was much more character and straightforward fighting.

However then we see this trailer, and to a little degree the previous trailer, and we see two very strange things. First is the Bullet Train fight, at top speed, leaping about in mid-air at impossible speeds, and then there's the giant samurai robot which just looks utterly ridiculous.

Here's the trailer for you to decide, it comes through Deadline and does do a good job of selling the story behind The Wolverine but if the train and the robot weren't there I think this would be superb.



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