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Top Gun remake all about Cruise?

TopGun.jpgThe producer Jerry Bruckheimer has been talking about a number of projects he has on the go as well as his work as a producer, and out of that has come an interesting viewpoint on the potential for a Top Gun sequel.

While Tony Scott was alive the talk of the sequel was all about the direction of the story and what it would involve, but now it looks like there's a different central key to the project and it's not about the story.

Prior to this story, and more importantly when Tony Scott was still alive, the talk of the Top Gun sequel was about finding the story. The concentration there had been to find something new and interesting for the concept of the Top Gun pilots in general and what they would be doing today, after all just teaching new pilots at the same school might be a little different to the way we saw them before.

The talk of the story was about seeing the old pilots competing in a modern world of fighter pilots and struggling with it, a big part of this might have been with flying drone planes from foreign locations and being totally detached from the combat. How that was going to play out we didn't know, but the focus was on the story and how that could be made to work.

Now though, Jerry Bruckheimer has been saying the key is about the lead character, Maverick, and more importantly the lead actor Tom Cruise.

Speaking to the Produced By Conference through The Hollywood Reporter he revealed that:

"As long as he keeps his enthusiasm…hopefully we can get it made."

That does imply that without Tom Cruise the film would collapse and that is the key driver for the project continuing, something I don't think is necessarily the case. I could easily see Top Gun getting a sequel that didn't feature any of the original actors at all, it's a Cruise film that isn't really about Cruise leading.

Of course fans of Top Gun may disagree but I think the hook for the sequel is about the hands on fighter pilots dealing with modern methods of combat and vice versa, precision bombing and drone planes mean that the hands on fighter pilots are required and relied on less than they were, and in the future that need might drop even less.

I'm up for a Top Gun sequel without Cruise, are you?



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