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Black Nativity trailer, great music, great cast

ForestWhitaker.jpgBlack Nativity is a Christmas musical with a modern day story which is backed by a cast and a half from Forest Whitaker and Angela Bassett to Jennifer Hudson and Mary J. Blige, that's a lot of talent to have on screen, and it's a trailer that has you drawn to it rather quickly.

The musical is adapted from the 1962 television film of the same name and the story and words have been used as the basis for the musical version which is to be released in America on the 27th of November and in the UK on the 6th of December.

I must admit that I thought the title of the film might have been changed for the modern day American audience, however it remains and serves as an unnecessary diversion for what the film has to offer, a strong story, a morally uplifting one, and told with great songs, at least that's what the trailer tells us.

Black Nativity is the story of a teenager from Baltimore, raised by his single mother, who travels to New York to spend the Christmas period with estranged relatives. It's through this physical journey that his own, much stranger journey, begins.

Here's the trailer for Black Nativity through TrailerAddict which looks like it might be a great one for the Christmas period, hopefully whatever your beliefs or factual based, scientific grounded, lives.

I'm tempted to see this for the high profile cast alone, and to be honest that would probably have to be the reason to get me into the cinema to see a tale which might just be a little too moralistic, preachy and religion based as this could well turn out to be.



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