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Law and Grant in Dom Hemingway trailer

DomHemingway.jpgJude Law and Richard Grant is an intriguing line-up, two great actors with Law being able to deliver some great characters, but then there's the writer and director of the film Richard Shepard who also wrote and directed The Matador and The Hunting Party. Attention caught yet?

Well if not then you need to see the trailer to be really sucked in for Dom Hemingway and Jude Law's wild looking character performance.

The film sees Jude Law playing the titular character in Dom Hemingway, a safecracker who has just spent twelve years in prison and has just stepped back out into the real world again, looking for the payback for his years of silence. He and his partner, played by Richard E. Grant, head off to the South of France to meet up with his boss, played by Demian Bichir, to get the money he's owed.

While we want to see more of the character and his relationship with his partner in the trailer there's enough there to get you excited about Jude Law's character performance and the prickly relationship with his partner, the rest of the story is taking a bit of a backseat but then that's not the selling point is it?

Here's the trailer for Dom Hemingway through Deadline, definitely worth watching.

Throughout this it's Law and his character that's drawn me in, and the promise of some quirky humour between the two leads. It is another interesting character for the actor, looking through his career there are some strong performances mixed through with the more marketable films.



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