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Need for Speed trailer, is there a need?

TheNeedforSpeed.jpgI'm surprised that there's a trailer on the go for Need for Speed already but here it is, and it looks rather good. There's a feeling of weight and gravitas to it that you may not have expected, indeed it might be overplaying it a little in the dramatic department but not when it comes to the cars.

The trailer isn't selling a complete car action film and while there is plenty of in trailer car action it isn't taking over the story. However I wonder if the heroic speech and the rousing orchestra might just be overplaying it a little?

Scott Waugh directed the film and you'll remember that he previously directed the realistic Act of Valor, the film about the Navy SEALs which itself had a similar feel to this trailer. The film is written by John Gatins, who also wrote Real Steel, Flight (Filmstalker review) and Coach Carter, George Gatins and George Nolfi, who wrote The Sentinel (Filmstalker review), The Bourne Ultimatum (Filmstalker review) and The The Adjustment Bureau (Filmstalker review). Behind the script there's definitely some strong talent who could deliver a strong thriller combined with action.

The Need for Speed stars Aaron Paul, Imogen Poots, Dominic Cooper and Michael Keaton, a mix that I have to admit not being totally sold on. I do find the line-up an interesting choice for the film and it doesn't seem like a typical action film, something that is definitely a plus when it comes to a car action film.

There's no way round it though, this is going to be compared to Fast and Furious without a doubt, and it's a videogame adaptation albeit very loosely, so there's already a lot for the film to achieve. This is the type of videogame where there isn't a strong central character and story, let's face it this is about driving fast cars and capitalising on the title, so the film has a wide remit for character and story. Let's hope that they've done something more with it.

The trailer is what we're here for though and it does look good. While I'm not convinced about the lead looking the atypical anti-hero and suiting the music and moody voiceover behind him, I do find myself wondering and hoping that this might be the desired effect.

It does pack a strong sense of speed, and genuine speed at that, not CG or speeded up action. The stunts look to be real enough and practical, and that's something I hope Waugh will have brought to the film. Is Need for Speed going to live up to the trailer, or is it going to be a little too over the top?

Here's the trailer for Need for Speed for you to decide which comes through Apple Trailers and TrailerAddict:



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